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Zawistowski Receives Endorsement for Re-election

On Tuesday, May 17th, Republican delegates from across the 61st District gathered at the Windsor Locks Town Hall for a convention to endorse State Representative Tami Zawistowski for another two-year term at the State Capitol. After redistricting in 2021, the 61st includes Suffield, East Granby and now a portion of Windsor Locks. The Rainbow and northern Poquonock sections of Windsor which were previously included in the 61st will be part of the 60th District.

“We have our work cut out for us at the Capitol, I’m honored to be nominated for another term to do the people’s business,” said Rep. Zawistowski. “One of my main areas of focus will be on public safety at home and on the street. We made a little progress this past session passing some bipartisan juvenile justice reforms, but we have more to do to address the issue and keep residents safe.”

Zawistowski serves on the budget writing Appropriations Committee, the Transportation Committee, and the Planning and Development Committee. While serving on the Appropriations Committee Tami fought for caps on spending, borrowing, and reforms to grow the state’s rainy-day fund.

Rep. Zawistowski noted, “In the face of rising inflation, affordability is key. Republicans proposed a $1.2 billion tax relief plan to return the inflation driven tax windfall back to the people, unfortunately this was rejected by the Governor and majority party in favor of modest one-time relief and credits. I am committed to long-term sustainable approaches to lowering the cost of living in our state.”

On the Transportation Committee, she has been a fierce opponent of tolls and a staunch advocate for Bradley International Airport. While serving on the Planning and Development Committee, Tami has fought to protect property taxpayers by opposing unfunded mandates on towns.

In addition to her committee assignments, she is a member of the House Republican leadership team serving as Caucus Policy Co-Chairman. In this role Tami advises the caucus on policy proposals and crafting legislation.

“I am honored receive the Republican endorsement to run in the new 61st District. I look forward to working hard to meet new voters in Windsor Locks,” concluded Rep. Zawistowski. “It has been a privilege to represent the people of Windsor since the 2014 election, and I know going forward they will be well served in the 60th District.”

Zawistowski reached her fundraising goals in February and pre-qualified for the Citizens Election Program in April.

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